What Your Under Eyes Are Telling You: “They Relate to Organs and Toxic Habits”

So you ask yourself, “Why are my under eyes so puffy? Why do I have dark circles? Why do I have small bumps around my eyes? Why is there loss of elasticity and why are there wrinkles?”

Well, there are several reasons for these unattractive looks.

See if you fall into any of the following scenarios:

1. I am in my 40’s.
When you get into your 40’s, you develop a fat pad under your eye, which is bad enough. Then toxins start to build up over this pad and make it appear larger.

2. I have sinus issues.
Inflammation occurs under the eye with sinus issues and if you have a fat pad as well, then it is double trouble.

3. I’m not moving my bowels after every meal.
In order to do this, you must eat, then poop like a baby. Your under eyes are directly related to your kidneys and not pooping becomes a domino effect for the liver and kidneys.

4. I drink wine or alcohol almost every day.
This leads to a toxic build up under the eye and will age you much faster, not to mention put on weight.

5. I don’t get enough sleep.
Over time, this syndrome will give you dark circles and puffiness.

6. I smoke cigarettes and/or use recreational drugs.
This causes pre-mature wrinkling and lack of oxygen, which cause dark circles.

6. I have been out in the sun to get a tan and also while doing sports activities.
This leads to loss of collagen and elastin, fine lines and wrinkles.


So what can I do to help overcome these issues?
-In my experience over the years, I can help people reduce these symptoms with my microcurrent “Eye Focus Treatments”. These treatments are done with my new computer, the Biotic Wave.

-I recommend people to partake in an herbal bowel cleanse, which helps with the toxins and will also extend their life.

-I remind people that many are allergic to the tannens in wine, and that alcohol is debilitating to the system–making you older, faster.

-Try to partake in meditation and deep breathing. This will help with sleep, promote oxygen to the system and in turn, eliminate dark circles.

Overall, remember to not be so hard on yourself. Now that you are more educated on these subjects, you can start addressing these problems by making positive choices to change your situation.

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