Mimics the Cell’s Energy System

Press Release

When Oprah Winfrey faced the camera on her show and said “mark my words, the future of medicine is Energy Medicine”, she couldn’t have been more compelling. Now, medical and cosmetic professionals are using impedance controlled micro-current technologies with dramatic results for skin, body and health related treatments that can replace many cosmetic injections, surgical procedures – and dramatically reduce post-op recovery time.

Anna Marie Colavito, beauty and health visionary and CEO of Beauty & Wellness Technologies Inc, and Beauty Body Wellness, located in Mill Valley, CA and New York City recently unveiled the most advanced, compact and affordable system yet. Culminating 14 years of R&D, testing and application for celebrity, VIP, entertainment and sports clients in Hollywood, New York and San Francisco, her new Biotic Wave™ System was launched at the IECSC (International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference) in Las Vegas on June 22nd thru 24th.

Developed with an award-winning Physicist, the Biotic Wave System is clearly the most advanced impedance controlled micro-current technology available today. A calibrated computer emits precise electrical impulse ‘waves’ through the skin into associated nerves and muscles that mimics the body’s natural contraction and relaxation patterns. When applied to a focused area this results in rapid firming and toning of skin and muscles, with increased blood flow – providing a visible improvement in just one treatment!

Anna Marie comments “I wanted to create a compact device that makes invasive and painful cosmetic treatments – including injectable solutions – a thing of the past.” The Biotic Wave System is designed for professional, spa or medical doctors as well as home use. The Biotic Wave has dual channels, able to deliver two treatments at the same time or two people simultaneously, three modes with multiple frequency and intensity choices.

Actress and recording artist Vanessa Williams has benefitted from Anna Marie’s micro-current treatments for many years and has recently purchased the Biotic Wave System for personal use. “Anna Marie’s micro-current treatments give me remarkable health and beauty results. My buttock lifts, arms and abdomen become firmer, and the thigh cellulite treatment dissolves fat! I tell all my friends as well as many health & beauty editors and TV show hosts about this technology whenever asked about my beauty secrets. I believe it’s a secret worth sharing!”