Superior Education


Very detailed with Biotic Wave™ functions, technology info, skin, body andhealth management protocols, step-by-step treatment protocols and descriptions


An introduction to the technology and several different skin, body and health management treatment demonstrations.

Advanced Hands-On Training

The Beauty Body Wellness Center offers a customized one or two day training for the Biotic Wave™, depending on the quantity of services you would like to learn. Trainings are offered at their headquarters in the San Francisco, bay area location in Mill Valley, CA or one of their trainers can go to your location. A Certficate of Training will be issued and mailed after the trainings completion.

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  1. The BBW trainer will guide you in this specialized training experience.
    1. The trainer will give a technology overview, which will help you understanding how the computer works and why it produces outstanding results.
    2. A Master Protocol concept for the computers Mode 1.2.
  2. Step-by step operation of the Biotic Wave™.
  3. Probe and product use.
  4. Most of the training is a hands-on experience allowing you to learn Beauty Body Wellness exclusive techniques as well as proven protocols.