Beauty and Wellness Technologies Inc.

Anna Marie Colavito is the CEO and founder of Beauty and Wellness Technologies Inc. She holds a unique vision of beauty and wellness. Anna Marie is dedicated to optimum health, wellness, happiness and success. For the last 30 plus years she has been a catalyst for innovation within the beauty, fashion, and business community. As a researcher of cutting-edge technologies and concepts, Ms. Colavito became aware of a life altering technology, which utilizes bio-impedance micro-current for cosmetic and health treatments. In 2001 she became VP of Sales and Marketing for the company. She was impressed with the product’s rapid results and ease of use, she opened a Treatment and Training Center in Malibu, CA and began distributing and educating on the technology internationally.

In 1989 she launched Beauty Body Wellness Spa and is know as the Pioneer of the Healing Day Spa. She is considered a health and beauty trend setter by twenty-eight national fashion and beauty magazines including:

Glamour, In-Style, Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, Essence, and Longevity. The Popcorn Report and Entrepreneur note her as a visionary. In 1995, ISPA and American Salon magazine acknowledged her as an industry pioneer. The American Biographical Institute nominated her as Woman of the Year in 2004.

Anna Marie founded Beauty Body Wellness Associates in 1996, a full service business consulting company that assists its clients with: initial concept design, sales and marketing strategies, educational programs, space design, product and technology selection and customer service programs. She has helped build and consulted for numerous companies, creating clear paths to her and her clients’ dreams. She owns Beauty Body Wellness, Healthy Aging Centers in NYC and in California. Her centers specialize in the Biotic Wave™ treatments for skin, body , muscle and health management. In 1980 she invented a patented product for the salon industry, which is sold internationally.

Anna Marie recently co-developed her own artificial intelligence bio-impedance computer the “Biotic Wave” for skin, body, toning and health management, with an award winning Physicist, and a Doctor. The “Biotic Wave” is a very advanced software driven computer. It is compact and portable and has 2 indepen-dent channels, 3 modes and relaxing audio. The battery life is 5 to 7 hours depending whether you use 1 or 2 channels and 7 hours if only using one channel. It weighs 2.11 pounds and can fit in a purse or small pouch. This professional Biotic Wave™ computer for Beauty + Wellness is beyond competitive pricing. It will be affordable for all spas, med spas, doctors and for home use.

With her wealth of experience and years of distributing spa and salon products since 1981, both nationally and internationally, Anna Marie understands every nuance associated with successful business creation, growth, and maintenance in the beauty and spa industry. A partial list of the companies that Anna Marie has consulted for are: Andre Balas of the Standard Hotel, The Fairmont Hotel, Aveda,, Derma New, Malibu Wellness and Mineral Care to mention a few from her prestigious international list of clients.